Three People Shot in Same Neighborhood Where Homicide Occurred

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Columbus Police responded to the same south Franklinton neighborhood early Wednesday morning, where a homicide occurred just the night before.

Officers say three people were injured, including two teenagers, in the incident at the Southpark Apartments along Greenfield Drive.

Investigators say over 80 shots were fired, and two of the victims were taken to the hospital. It happened during a vigil for the murder that happened the night before, with a suspect vehicle approaching the crowd, and a suspect pulled out a weapon, before firing.

The scene early Wednesday is near the scene of a homicide from the day prior, where 35-year-old Jermale Payton was shot and killed.

Police say Wednesday's incident does not appear to be retaliation, but rather a continuation, but officers are not 100% sure of the motive.

No one is in custody for Wednesday's shooting, but witnesses are being interviewed, and police have impounded two cars, and confiscated two guns.

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