Four Crimes Reported near OSU Campus Tuesday Night, Wednesday Morning

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--There's a spike in crime near the OSU campus, just as students return to the area ahead of the start of fall semester classes.

The university issued a neighborhood safety notice for areas near campus, after four reported incidents of robbery and carjacking late Tuesday and early Wednesday.

The spree started late Tuesday night, when a vehicle was stolen at gunpoint by two suspects near the intersection of Norwich and Indianola. That victim is not affiliated with the university.

Then early Wednesday, three students were approached near East 18th Ave. and North 4th St., with the suspect demanding their purses and wallets. The suspect fled toward High Street.

An attempted robbery occurred near a bar along East Chittenden Avenue. In that case, the victims ran inside the establishment without giving up their belongings.

Then, two OSU students were robbed near East 13th Ave. and Indianola Ave. Those victims were robbed of their cell phones.

There were no injuries reported in any of the incidents. Police have reason to believe the crimes may be related.

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