B1G says COVID-19 Cancellations Will Count as a "Loss"

Big Ten Championship

Photo: Getty Images

CHICAGO, Illinois (WTVN)--The Big Ten Conference announced Monday that games and competitions canceled by COVID-19 will count as a "loss" to the team that forced the cancellation.

The rule applies to conference competitions, and in sports with two teams competing, the team not affected by COVID-19 will be credited with a "win", and the conference standings will be reflected with the win and loss.

The conference says games and competitions affected by COVID-19 will not be rescheduled for the 2021-22 school year.

If COVID-19 is affecting both teams in a two-team competition, the cancellation will result in a "no contest".

With regard to competitions involving three or more teams, a team unable to compete due to COVID-19 will be considered to have forfeited the competition. That team will be credited with a "loss" and the other teams credited with a "win".

In the 2020 Big Ten Football season, games canceled due to COVID-19 were not considered wins or losses, and were not rescheduled. Ohio State had three football games canceled in 2020 as a result.

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