Two CPD Officers Arrested for Distributing Fentanyl, Cocaine

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The U.S. District Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio says two Columbus Police officers were arrested on Tuesday for distributing fentanyl and cocaine.

33-year-old John Kotchkoski and 44-year-old Marco Merino are alleged to have plotted to distribute the drugs, and take bribes to protect those deliveries.

The affidavit says Merino went to Mexico, and intended to gain citizenship there, while also investing in properties to run as short-term rentals.

Prosecutors say in July of 2021, Merino accepted $44,000 for delivering the cocaine, but that was all part of a federal sting, and there were no actual drugs.

Kotchkoski is alleged to have covered for Merino at CPD while he made the drug deliveries. In June and August of 2021, the two were allegedly involved in the distribution of nearly 8 kilos of fentanyl, enough to kill nearly 4-million people.

Merino and Kotchkoski both made their initial court appearances this week.

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