New Effort Introduced to Legalize Recreational Marijuana in Ohio

Small business marijuana dispensary in Oregon.

Photo: Getty Images

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Two Republicans in the Ohio House of Representatives have introduced a new effort to legalize marijuana in Ohio for recreational use among adults.

Reps. Jamie Callender and Ron Ferguson announced the Ohio Adult-Use Act, which if passed would allow Ohioans 21 and older to grow, purchase, and use marijuana and marijuana products.

It would be an extension of the state's current regulations on medical marijuana use, and set up a 10% tax on pot.

Half of the tax revenue would go to the state's general fund, with the other half going to law enforcement and addiction resources.

It would also expunge the records of those with previous marijuana convictions.

The state reps acknowledge it has an uphill battle for passage, with the Speaker of the Ohio House, the Senate President, and Governor Mike DeWine all expressing opposition to legalizing recreational marijuana.

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