Carey Wins 15th Seat Special Election, Dems win Columbus City Council Races

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Central Ohio voters decided to keep a local congressional seat in Republican hands, and decided to keep every seat on Columbus City Council in Democrat control.

Republican Mike Carey won the special election Tuesday for Ohio's 15th congressional district, which includes most of central Ohio. Carey, a former coal lobbyist and political newcomer, defeated Democrat State Representative Allison Russo. Carey will serve out the remainder of the term of Steve Stivers, who stepped down in May.

Carey had the endorsement of former President Donald Trump in his initial run for office.

In Columbus, voters re-elected Shannon Hardin to City Council. He is also City Council President. Endorsed Democrats Nick Bankston and Lourdes Barroso de Padilla also won the races for the other two at-large seats, over independent challenger Tom Sussi.

Columbus voters also rejected Issue 7 Tuesday, which would have allocated $87-million of the city's budget to green energy initiatives.

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