OSU Announces COVID-19 Testing Protocols for Spring Semester

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Ohio State University has announced COVID-19 testing protocols and procedures for students and staff returning to campus for the spring semester.

The rules affect students living in campus dorms, and those in fraternities and sororities near campus. For students returning to the dorms, a rapid antigen test is required this weekend. That can be done at the French Field House, and students can return to their dorms with a negative test.

Those who test positive will be required to isolate for five days, either at home or at a local hotel. After the isolation period, and there are no symptoms, students can return to class, as long as they wear a well-fitted mask, both indoors and outdoors, for another five days.

The university is providing limited beds for isolation for out-of-state students, and are on a first come, first serve basis.

Residents of fraternity and sorority houses near campus will be required to be tested, with those tests being delivered to the chapter house.

Those who test positive there will also have to isolate for five days, then wear a well-fitted mask on campus, indoors and outdoors, for the next five days.

Many students will also be required to submit to testing once per week, regardless of vaccination status, including those living in the dorms, members of social fraternities and sororities, and students and employees who requested an exemption on the university's vaccination requirement.

University officials are also encouraging students and staff to get a booster shot. Classes for the spring semester begin on January 10th.

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