Crime Alert For 2 More Incidents on OSU Campus

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Ohio State University issued another Public Safety Notice on Tuesday, for two different crimes that occurred on campus Monday night.

In one case, a staff member was approached by at least five suspects while crossing John Herrick Drive, heading toward the Neil Avenue Garage, just before 9PM. The victim was hit in the head and body, and later noticed their cell phone was gone. The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries, and later released.

Then just after 11PM, a contractor reported that his car was stolen from the west stadium parking lot. While he was on the phone with police, the suspect returned with the vehicle and hit him, before taking off. Police did chase down the vehicle, and take a juvenile female suspect into custody.

That suspect is charged with felonious assault and receiving stolen property. The victim was treated at the scene. Police believe the two crimes are not related.

Tuesday's notice comes after a report of a robbery and assault near Baker Hall West, on W. 12th Avenue, on Sunday. That victim was not affiliated with the university.

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