Ginther Touts Public Safety Investments in "State of the City" Address

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Mayor Andrew Ginther made public safety his top priority during his annual State of the City Address on Tuesday.

In the virtual presentation, Ginther noted the $660-million invested for additional Police and Fire classes, including 170 new police officers set to graduate this year.

Columbus has seen record numbers of homicides each of the last two years.

Ginther also used the speech to call for more investments in affordable housing, noting the forecast of the regional population that is rapidly growing. He requested that public and private sector partners across central Ohio invest $1-billion in housing initiatives to help meet demand.

In terms of economic development, Ginther put his focus on the Livingston corridor and the Eastland area, noting other economic investments that are underway in the Hilltop and Linden areas.

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