Random Metal Detector Screenings Begin Next Week at CCS High Schools

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--The Columbus City School district will begin conducting random metal detector screenings next week, at the district's high schools.

The move is an effort to curb recent violence in schools, and the district did not reveal which schools will be subject to the screenings, for security purposes.

The buildings that are subject to the screenings will also be chosen at random.

According to the district, 167 weapons, including 10 guns, were brought into schools during the first two quarters of this school year. In the same time frame in 2018, there were 191 weapons confiscated, including 11 guns.

Families were notified of the move in a letter. Mayor Andrew Ginther supports the plan, after indicating he spoke to district Superintendent Dr. Talisa Dixon about the issue.

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