Kids Sickened by Marijuana Edibles, Adult Charged

Photo: Getty Images

UPPER ARLINGTON, Ohio (WTVN)--Charges have been filed against a parent, whose child mistook his marijuana edibles for leftover Easter candy, and got kids sick at school.

Five kids from Windermere Elementary School in Upper Arlington had to be taken to Nationwide Children's Hospital for treatment on Friday, after the 10-year-old child shared the products with friends.

Court records say the products belonged to 43-year-old Scott Macre, and the child found the THC edibles in a glass jar in a kitchen cabinet, thinking they were candy.

When detectives approached Macre at his home about the situation, he attempted to dispose of the edibles while they waited outside.

He told investigators he bought the items in Colorado in 2018, and uses them for a medical condition. The night before the incident, Macre says he took them while intoxicated, and fell asleep, then put the jar in the kitchen cabinet before going to work.

Macre is charged with endangering children, possession of a controlled substance, and obstructing official business.

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