LOOK: Hurricane Ian Sucks Water Out Of Tampa Bay Ahead Of Arrival

Photo: Tampa Police Department

Shocking photos show Hurricane Ian draining water out of Tampa Bay as it gets ready to slam the state with dangerous storm surges, high winds, and severe flooding.

The Tampa Police Department shared photos of the empty Bayshore Boulevard after the Category 4 hurricane sucked water out of the area Wednesday morning (September 28).

"The water has receded, a clear sign that Hurricane Ian is drawing near," officers wrote in the post, reminding people to stay indoors.

It wasn't just Bayshore, either. WFLA says water is receding from Hillsborough River in downtown Tampa and John's Pass. The St. Petersburg Police Department also posted a photo of water disappearing from Lassing Park.

Residents might remember a similar incident happening with Hurricane Irma in 2017. The monstrous storm also pulled water out of Tampa's popular rivers, waterways, and beaches. Meteorologists at the news station say this phenomenon happens when winds blow from the east and toward the Gulf of Mexico.

While these make for interesting sights, officials say don't get close to the drained areas.

“STOP: Do not walk out into receding water in Tampa Bay or Charlotte Harbor – the water WILL return through storm surge and poses a life-threatening risk,” the Florida Division of Emergency Management tweeted.

Hurricane Ian is expected to strike Tampa directly, which hasn't happened since 1921. Southwest Florida and the rest of the Central region are within its project path, but experts say it could change at any moment.

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