Two Suspsects Arrested, 3rd dead in Chase, Shooting Along I-70

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN)--Two suspects are now in custody, and a 3rd suspect is dead, from a crime spree that ended with a shootout on I-70 downtown Thursday, and resulted in a Columbus Police Officer seriously injured.

CPD says it started with the suspects committing an armed robbery at a dealership in Whitehall, where they stole a Porsche SUV.

There was then an armed robbery reported on the other side of town, at a bank along Hilliard-Rome Road. Officers picked up a pursuit of the suspects along I-70, heading east, around 4PM.

The chase ended near West Mound Street, with the suspects and officers exchanging gunfire. An officer was hit and seriously hurt. His partner took him to Grant Medical Center, where he received life-saving medical care.

One of the suspects died at the scene, and officers coordinated with the ATF and the US Marshals service to find the other two suspects.

They were detained in the Linden area early Friday morning, and were later confirmed to be the suspects in the chase and shooting.

Investigators have yet to identify the officer involved, or the suspects.

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