Mike Feazel, Co-Founder of Roof Maxx

Mike has been a pioneering force in the industry for over thirty years, co-founding Roofers Success International, the nation's premier contractor university, alongside home services icon and HVAC industry consolidator Jim Abrams.

Known for his monthly column, "A View from the Top," featured in Roofing Contractor Magazine, Mike has been a vocal advocate for positive change within the industry.

Over 25 years, Mike and his brother, Todd, successfully established one of the nation's top roofing companies. In 2013, they sold their business to shift focus towards roofing sustainability.

In 2017, the brothers launched Roof Maxx Technologies, LLC, which manufactures and promotes Roof Maxx, a groundbreaking solution for aging asphalt shingle roofing systems. Roof Maxx is a soybean-based oil (soy methyl ester) that swiftly penetrates the top layer of shingles, restoring crucial flexibility needed for daily expansion and contraction.

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