Not the usual news this morning

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OFFICIALS WANT TO MAKE DICK STREET LONGER: The headline says it all. Officials in Clifton, New Jersey want to lengthen an oddly configured roadway and rename it Dick Street. The obscure block of Ellsworth Street is physically connected by a two-block roadway called Dick Street, so the city is proposing to extend Dick the extra 100 yards, an effort they claim will make things less confusing for emergency personnel, who have gotten lost navigating local streets. The proposal is getting a rise out of residents living on the affected stretch of Ellsworth, with one telling WNBC, "People laugh when they think of Dick Street. It's not exactly a good name for a street. They can name it anything they want except for Dick Street." (NY Post)

'50 SHADES DARKER' VIEWERS ARE LEAVING CUCUMBERS IN MOVIE THEATERS: Fifty Shades Of Grey is a very sexy book series that has been turned into very sexy movies, one of which is in theaters right now. It seems some viewers of "Fifty Shades Darker" are leaving cucumbers behind in movie theaters. Those unfortunate folks who are cleaning the theaters are posting photos of their finds on social media, and it's not limited to just one post. It's unlikely people are making salads with the vegetables.