Bugs... not food for 3rd world countries any more

There’s a growing industry in the U.S. for edible insect products, according to NBC News. They just have to get past “the ick factor.” Bugs, particularly crickets, are dietary mainstays in much of the tropical world. Those of us who live in northern climes never developed the taste, to put it mildly. Their potential of insects as a food source is now being explored because they are an excellent source of protein, highly nutritious, plentiful and cheap to harvest. Scientists view it as a way to feed the planet’s growing population. The owner of Big Cricket Farms in Ohio sees it as a long-term opportunity.  “I think it will take 10, 20 or even 30 years to develop edible insects into a full-fledged market,” he said

Even Angelina Jolie is in on it