Ken Bone back for more fame

Ken Bone found himself the focus of Internet fame after he, as an undecided voter, asked a question during the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton last fall. People fell in love with his cuddly red sweater, his glasses, his moustache and even his name, and he soon was appearing on TV shows to talk about his sudden fame -- usually while wearing the sweater. But now that Bone's 15 minutes of fame has long since faded, he's looking to get some of it back. He announced on Twitter yesterday (February 21st) that he's joined a political software company called Victory Holdings that puts out apps to help people get involved in campaigning, for instance, one finds donors and another targets voters. Bone said he's the "chief people officer" for Victory Holdings, although it's not clear what that means, and he tweeted about the fight in politics being between the people and big-money politics, along with a video he stars in called "Enough is Enough." He said, "I will no longer sit on the sidelines and allow gov. to control politics. Today, I am joining @Victory Holdings. Let's put people in charge."