Judge Judy got it goin' on

Never question Judge Judy’s rulings.

Newly released testimony from July of 2016 serve not only as a reminder of her massive salary from CBS (a reported $47 million), but also the power she holds at the network.

The testimony emerges as part of a lawsuit talent agency Rebel Entertainment Partners has filed against CBS for withheld profits.The profit structure has Rebel taking home 5% of Judge Judy’s net profits, but only after CBS pays Judge Judy (a.k.a. Judy Sheindlin). Rebel claims it hasn’t received any compensation since 2010 because of her sizable salary.CBS argues that Rebel’s role in the courtroom show is minor and that the company has already earned $20 million.In transcripts obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Sheindlin weighs in on the matter herself, saying CBS had no choice but to pay her whatever she wanted.“CBS had no choice but to pay me what I wanted, because otherwise I could take it wherever I wanted to take it, or do it myself,” she said.“Mr. Lawrence should actually be kissing this right in Macy’s window, because my contract with CBS for more than a decade now does not include a last look which means the following. Which means they can’t match another offer, which means I can produce this show myself for decades.”She added that if she took on the task of producing herself, she could earn an extra $20 million.Sheindlin also goes into great detail about the ritual insists on going through every three years during her salary re-negotiations.She claims that she and the CBS network boss go to dinner together at the Grill at the Alley, at which point she presents him with an offer he can’t refuse.“I hand him the envelope and I say, ‘Don’t read it now, let’s have a nice dinner. Call me tomorrow. You want it, fine. Otherwise, I’ll produce it myself.’ That’s the negotiation.”Recently, CBS agreed to pay Sheindlin $95 million for a Judge Judy library.A verdict has yet to be found in the case.