The cussing baby doll

Talking toys are kinda creepy, but one was actually quite rude according to a mom in England. Siobhan Fox of Tamworth, England, says the walking, talking "My Little BABY Born" doll she bought for her daughter says the words "You b****." Fox told The Sun, "It's meant to say 'mama,' 'dada'-- it's totally not." The doll, which is manufactured by a German toy company called Zapf Creation, is currently selling on the U.K. Toys ‘R’ Us website for 14.48 pounds, or a little under $20. Zapf Creation said in a statement, "Our BABY born products are created to be a fun introduction to imaginative parent-child play. The My Little BABY born Walks doll includes baby babble sounds that are in no way meant to represent language or cause any offense to users." You can draw your own conclusions by listening to the audio of the video below.