Who needs Amazon... bring Cols the XFL!

WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon announced yesterday (January 25th) that he's bringing back the XFL, the football league that folded after just a single season in 2001 that was heavy on gimmicks but light on actual good football. The 72-year-old McMahon said of plans for the XFL's return in 2020: "I've always wanted to bring it back. I think the most important thing that we learned . . . is the quality of play. We have two years now to really get it right." McMahon said there will be eight teams and a 10-week regular season designed for the seven-month gap between NFL seasons. Cities for the teams, which will be owned by the league, will be announced in the new few months. The post-season will have two semi-final games and a championship game. McMahon is looking at making some changes to game play, saying he wants a two-hour game and may eliminate halftime. He said, "We will present a shorter, faster-paced, family-friend and easier to understand game. It's still football. But it's professional football re-imagined.