Super Bowl Pre-game

Hamilton Tony winner Leslie Odom Jr. set the tempo right with his rousing performance of "America the Beautiful" to kick off the game. Backed by young choir members from St. Paul, Minnesota, Odom glided through his rendition with flawless precision. Alongside Odom Jr., P!nk handled “The Star-Spangled Banner” despite being struck with the flu. She just had to make sure to take out her cough drop first. The singer, a diehard Eagles fan who grew up in the Philadelphia area, belted out a lifting rendition of the national anthem. P!nk responded after people questioned what she spit out of her mouth before her performance, thinking it was gum. She tweeted: "It was a throat lozenge."  P!nk also responded to a hater who said she "sucks." She said, “Yeah but at least I suck while singing our countries national anthem, and you just suck by yourself on a dirty couch. #winning."