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Twitter-verse not kind to Mr. JT


Adam Best tweeted: “The Prince tribute would’ve been cool... except Prince specifically said he didn’t want that, right? Even in death, Prince continues to be misunderstood.”

Avan Jogia tweeted: “Prince didn't like JT ... JT didn't like Prince... It's well documented... why would you put his (spirit) through that.”

Ben Silverman tweeted: “The only way this could turn out ok if if Prince’s mummified hand shoots down from space and chokes out JT on the 35 yard line”

Tove Lo tweeted: “@jtimberlake that was FIIIIIIRE 🙌 so many tunes!! And moves I need to learn asap #SuperBowl”

Reese Witherspoon tweeted: “Wow @jtimberlake .. just wow ! 🏈💥✨#SuperBowlLII”

Nikki Haley tweeted: “To say @jtimberlake is talented is an understatement. Halftime show was awesome! #Superbowl”

Former Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine tweeted “A lot of folks are criticizing @jtimberlake’s halftime outfit, and I agree... It definitely needed a jean jacket. #SuperBowl”

D. J. Goode tweeted: “What trash. Couldn’t understand one word of the show. Terrible audio. Worse enunciation by Timberlake ever.”

Jason Howell tweeted: “Dare I say the audio person for Justin Timberlake’s mic is having a bad day?”

Tim Lawrie tweeted: “I like Timberlake, but this audio feed is like a bootleg from the upper stands”

Kathleen Carroll tweeted: “I sure hope Timberlake’s audio is crappy. Otherwise, I’ve turned into an old lady saying ‘What’s he saying?’”

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