American Idol returns

I admit the first season of American Idol was pretty fun.  New type of show and some real talent displayed. You got sucked in with the background stories the show offered about the contestants. You learned that Simon was tough, Paula was a softy (and clapped weird) and that Randy was chill and said 'Alright, just alright' alot. But when I really think about the show, it was the early weeks that made it for me.  The awkward contestants that couldn't settle down, the singers who flat didn't belong on the show... my gosh some of them were bad.

As the seasons went on, I watched less and less. The stars the show kicked out didn't seem to be as big and the stories started to run together. But those early shows still made me laugh. How can these people really think they have what it takes to be the American Idol? I mean, it was hard to watch, but it was also hard to miss...

So, I say when Idol returns this weekend, I'll keep an eye on it.  You'd hate o be the person who misses the epic fails of the day... gaffs by the new judges... Seacrest maybe getting hazed on allegations. I mean that's why we all watch right? There are already plenty of good singers on the radio and shows like The Voice and others have a steady stream of newbies getting their 15 minutes of fame, but the publicity seekers and the truly clueless... these are the people to watch and celebrate, and I'm not sure any show has brought this type of contestant to us any better, except maybe the Gong Show.