Incredible pro golf shot

So I had some down time yesterday, and I clicked on the tv to watch some PGA Tour golf. This week is the WGC Dell Match Play in Austin. Sergio was in the late coverage and I've always liked him. He's fiery... wears his emotion on his sleeve... and that makes for some good viewing. It's not always great golf, but he's entertaining. Like when he climbed a tree to hit a shot back in 2013. 

The there was the time he hit one off line and knocked the diamond out of a ladies ring...

And how about this one on #10 at the Travellers... tree? What tree?

Well, yesterday, Sergio hit a drive that ended up on a cart path.  When he got to the ball, he decided to hit it as it was, and then did something unexpected. he took off his shoes. The commentators were incredulous, but I think he did it so he'd have more contact with the ground. If he wears spikes like mine (plastic) there's a good chance he'd slip or slide when he took his swing, so I understand why he did it. The shot was spectacular... high arcing with a little draw that ended up on the fringe. It was his second shot on a par five which meant he had a legit chance at eagle.  he ultimately made birdie and halved the hole, but it was a tremendous example of why Sergio is always worth the watch. He does things a little different, and usually with tremendous results