Earle Bruce, gone at 87

I'd say in all the years I worked with Earle, when he was preparing to dot the I with the OSU marching band he was the happiest. he loved that band and was pleased to be asked to be on the field with them

He was always involved with the radiothon raising money for alzheimer's research.  And he was truly fun to be around...

Of course as a coach he is probably best remembered on his last win over the team up north. He'd been fired, was wearing the fedora, and the team had those headbands on... what a game!

It was my great pleasure to work with Earle over the years, to play a little golf with him, and to watch people adore him. He was so humble, especially later on... I always encouraged him to let people love him... and he would look at me sideways. God bless his legacy and Go Bucks!