Viral new Youtuber studies... yep, just studies

If you think you have to do something truly remarkable to go viral online, you obviously haven't really been paying attention. The latest mundane thing to go viral on YouTube: an 18-year-old doing her homework. YouTuber Jade Bowler is part of a community of teen study vloggers doling out advice and motivation to hundreds of thousands of viewers. In some videos they simply film themselves sitting and studying in silence, and in others they speak directly to the camera about their routines, hopes, dreams, worries, and rejections. The videos serve more than one purpose, the less obvious one being that they provide a community for studious, academically minded teens who feel isolated. Bowler, whose YouTube Name is UnJaded Jade, has nearly 170,000 YouTube followers, and has over 900,000 views on some of her most popular vlogs. She says, "I think the stress and heightened exam pressure placed on teenagers these days means the online study community is a place where people can just go and relate to others."