Incredibles 2 out today

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Mr. Incredible must take on his greatest challenge yet by taking care of the problems of his three children.


RUNNING TIME: 1 hour 58 minutes


Craig T. Nelson says his character, Mr. Incredible, learns how to be a father in this movie: ["I play Bob Parr, Mr. Incredible, and you know he's a pretty typical guy, I'd say he's in many ways quite naieve and innocent and then you have this other thing where he has this incredible strength and power and so there's a kind of dichotomy that he has to kind of blend or has blended and now he finds himself the head of the family being just that he's got to take care of the family while his wife is out saving the world and I think he finds that really frustrating because he's having to learn how to be a father."]

Sophia Bush says her character is a total fan girl: ["I play a character named Voyt, she is a young, budding superhero, she's kind of coming out of the woodwork trying to figure out if it's a safe world to let people know who she is and what her powers are and she's Elasta Girl's biggest fan, it's easy for me to kind of get in the mindset of fan girling her because I'm such a fan of the films so I was like okay how I was screaming and yelling when the offer letter came through is how I imagine her reacting to Elasta Girl."] 

And how about some parenting advice from... Edna???