Megan Markle has accent now

After moving to London a few months ago, Meghan Markle seemingly has a British accent. A now-viral video from Meghan’s June visit to Chester shows (according to some!) the Duchess of Sussex sporting a new lilt. 

The fan-recorded audio is a bit garbled, but listeners are detecting a distinct change in inflection, when she said: [“The sun was shining for us. We’re very lucky, all around.” (0:08 OC: all around.")]

It’s not the first time Meghan has courted controversy with her accent. In February, fans pointed out that when she said “scone”, it rhymed with “gone,” which is a classic English pronunciation. When Americans say “scone,” it usually rhymes “bone.”

But as a voice coach told HuffPo, when a trained actress is surrounded by people with a particular accent, it’s not surprising she’d pick up some new patterns. 

Patricia Fletcher said: “If she also has a good ear for music, rhythm and inflection and is now surrounded by British English speakers (especially people she loves) it would not surprise me if her sounds might adjust a bit―perhaps even unconsciously.”