Harder and harder to be Miss America

The odds of becoming Miss America for some in 2019 just got way slimmer. The national organization has revoked the licenses of four different states following an intense revolt against chairwoman Gretchen Carlson. This development is just the latest in an action-packed 10 months which have seen former Miss America OrganizationCEO Sam Haskell step down after emails of him body-and-slut-shaming contestants leaked, Dick Clark Productions severed ties with the company and former Fox News star Carlson came in to right the ship, only to be met with controversy and charges of bullying herself. Several organizations have called for her to retire. Per the AP, “many state officials say their opposition is rooted in a lack of transparency and communication from national leaders, and does not involve the swimsuit decision.” Because of disagreements with leadership in Georgia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and a fourth unidentified state, their leaders must be replaced to enable them to take place in the pageant.