Hostless Oscars confirmed

It looks like the Oscars have decided to solve their hosting problem by deciding not to have a host at all. Variety reported yesterday (January 9th) that plans are for the Academy Awards show to air without a host for only the second time ever, with it only happening once before 30 years ago. Variety said producers will choose "A-listers" to introduce different segments, and are scrambling to recruit stars to do it with just weeks before the February 24th show. Comedian Kevin Hart had been chosen to host, but he dropped out hours later after he came under criticism for past homophobic remarks on Twitter. The issue has continued to swirl around Hart, but he emphatically said yesterday morning that he won't be hosting. We'll all see how the host-less show turns out, but there is a cautionary tale from the only other time the Oscars aired without a host 30 years ago. That was the show with the infamous opening musical number in which Rob Lowe sang and danced with Snow White