Ford Mustang turns 45 today

1964, 55 years ago, Ford unveiled the Mustang automobile.

Incredibly after all that history, the car is making news again with a high performance 4 cylinder car... one that goes 0 - 60 in 4.5 seconds with a top speed of 155mph. It makes 330 horsepower and has gearheads scoffing. From the Detroit Free Press...

"This is indicative of where the industry is going, the idea of increasing power with smaller engines," said Karl Brauer, executive publisher at Kelley Blue Book. "It allows you to have more fuel efficiency and power at the same time. It's giving you the best of both worlds. And it's further proof that while you can't break the rules of physics, technology allows you to bend 'em."

Who would choose a lighter Mustang over the heavier, more powerful V8 Mustang GT? 

Car expert Jonathan Klinger, spokesman for the Traverse City-based Hagerty Classic Insurance, called the latest Mustang news nothing less than "just astounding."

"If you back up a little bit, traditionally a muscle car meant shoving the most powerful engine — which used to mean also getting the biggest engine — into the smallest car you can. That’s an American muscle car for you. A large engine in a small car," he said. "It speaks to just how far the traditional internal combustion engine has come."

Well, it looks great and being that quick? Bonus time!