Helicopter crash in NYC

A helicopter crashed onto the roof of a skyscraper in midtown Manhattan yesterday afternoon (June 10th) in rainy, gray weather, killing the pilot, who was the only person on board. There were no other injuries. The crash shook the 750-foot building not far from Trump Tower and sparked a fire on the roof, leading office workers to flee the building. Although the incident initially brought back memories of 9/11, officials said there was no indication of terrorism. It wasn't immediately clear what caused the crash or why the helicopter was flying in the driving rain and low cloud cover, over tightly restricted airspace over Manhattan. The pilot was identified as Tim McCormack, a former fire chief in upstate Clinton, New York, who had 15 years experience flying helicopters and single-engine airplanes. The helicopter went down about 11 minutes after taking off from a heliport along the East River, and had been seen flying erratically.