Arby's strikes back at faux meat trend

Arby's is known for serving meat, and now they've responded to the trend of fake meats being offered at many fast food restaurants with Megetables, or foods that look like vegetables but are actually meats. The chain's first Megetable is known as the "Marrot," and is a meat-based carrot lookalike that they claim has all the vitamins found in a raw carrot, but is made of turkey breast rolled in cheesecloth before being cooked sous-vide, and then rolled in dried carrot juice powder before being roasted for an hour. Jim Taylor, chief marketing officer for Arby's added, "Plant-based meats are the latest incarnation of making vegetables look like what Americans really want, which is great, tasty meat." You can't actually purchase the Marrot at Arby's, but the brand reportedly plans to continue to develop Megetables.