Bears wreaking havoc

Apparently bears don't know that food usually isn't stored in a home's laundry room. A California man captured video of a bear breaking into his home and trashing the laundry room. Kenneth Morse says he heard commotion inside his home on Sunday night (June 30th) and then discovered the bear in the laundry room. He took some photos of the bear through the window of the room, and shared them on Facebook. He says the bear knocked over the washing machine, causing water to flow into the room, and even ripped up a portion of the ceiling. Local authorities eventually set the bear free, and the bear, which appeared to be without injury, was last seen running into the nearby woods.

Colliding with anything while on a motorcycle sounds awful, but hitting a bear sound particularly bad. A Massachusetts motorcyclist's helmet-mounted camera captured the moment he narrowly avoided crashing into a bear that ran across the road in front of him. The video shows the man riding on Route 5 North, on Wednesday (June 26th) in the Northhampton area, when the bear cub comes running out into the road from the left side. The man says he was shaken by the experience, but not injured.