$5,000 tip leads to arrest

One woman got the ultimate revenge on her boyfriend when she decided to leave a $5,000 tip on his credit card. 24-year-old Serina Wolfe from Clearwater, Florida was in the news last week for giving the $5,000 tip to a waitress at Clear Sky Beachside Cafe. Her bill totaled $60. It was later found out that the credit card was reported stolen and belonged to Wolfe's boyfriend. She decided to leave the hefty tip after the two got into an argument because Wolf wouldn't purchase her a ticket back to her hometown of Buffalo, NY. The boyfriend must have known that Wolfe would pull a stunt like this because he placed the card on hold immediately after the argument so she couldn't buy the flight. He later lifted the hold after the getting the card back -- and that's when Wolfe dropped the $5,000 tip. When Wolfe's boyfriend confronted her, she denied making the charge so he reported it as a fraudulent charge. But by then, it was too late for a refund. The server had already received her tip! Wolfe's boyfriend told his credit card company that he believed his girlfriend was either drunk or out for revenge. The credit card company reported the incident to the police and Wolfe was arrested for grand theft and was forced to give her boyfriend back his credit card. Cops say it's up to the restaurant and the waitress as to whether she has to give the tip back because she was already paid.