Confederate Railroad tonight at the State Fair

So called controversy over tonight's appearance and performance by Confederate Railroad... here's what their agent told us via e-mail, specific to flying the confederate flag at shows...

As a matter of record- They don’t, and never have shown the confederate flag on stage at their shows. No idea where that storyline materialized. It’s not accurate, and have 3 decades of touring photos that proves otherwise. Many bands have and do, but this one never did. 
It’s been a tiny part of the overall artwork on various albums, logo, and small part of various pieces of merchandise. When venues have had policies against it, specifically merchandise, the band has always honored that policy. They’ve left a trail of happy talent buyers and country music fans from coast to coast for 30 years. 
Every once in a while a venue has a video backdrop and venue may choose to run a logo across it, but nothing the band has ever required or expected. That may happen 3-4 times at year out of 90 shows, and we don’t keep track. 
They played OH show 2 weeks ago in Fort Loramie. Crowd of 7000, and pics on bands Facebook page. I would encourage you to pull up and view. That’s the same stage set up coming to Columbus, and I suspect the same look of
audience members. Greenville IL a week or so before that for 4000 people - same result.  
3000 shows over 3 decades prior to that- same result. We play Columbus proper annually and have for 3 decades. 
We all have opinions, first amendment and otherwise, but has been over sensationalized from where I sit and what I know.  The band was named in 1991 by a lead singer and a Nashville record label.   It’s never was a political or racial statement, then or now.  The band has never discriminated against anyone, and simply don’t represent those characteristics professionally or personally. 
The reputation, touring history and catalog of hits has never pointed at anything other than playing music for people that want to have fun and enjoy a concert. 
Fairs generally book a myriad of talent genre’s to appeal to as many people as possible. Confederate Railroad has been a country/southern rock band for decades playing for fans that enjoy such genre with no prejudice towards any political or racial biases. 
Travis James 
United Talent Agency, Nashville

And here's what the band says about being banned for other performances because of their name.

And here's a little of what you might hear if you go to the show tonight...