School shooting PSA

The gun violence prevention group Sandy Hook Promise released a chilling public service announcement ad for back to school season yesterday. The hard-to-watch ad begins with students describing their new items for the school year, like binders and headphones, but then it takes a turn, with students running as a school shooting is taking place off-screen. Kids then continue to talk about their new school supplies, but show how they can be used during a shooting, including holding scissors to use against an attacker and using a sock as tourniquet on a bleeding classmate. It ends with a girl in a bathroom stall texting, "I love you mom," with tears running down her face, and saying before a door opens, footsteps are heard and she closes her eyes: "I finally got my own phone to stay in touch with my mom." The PSA is meant to send the message that school shootings are preventable if people are educated about the warning signs.