Joe Biden loses cool, calls Iowa voter 'damn liar'

Joe Biden lashed out at a voter during a campaign trail event in Iowa yesterday (December 5th) after the man accused the former vice president of having sent his son to work for a Ukrainian oil company, charging, "You're selling access to the president." Biden called the man a "damn liar," saying he hadn't done anything wrong and stating, "No one has said that my son did anything wrong." Biden also responded to the man having said he was "too old" to be president, telling him, "You want to check my shape, man, let's do push-ups together here, man, let's run, let's do whatever you want to do, let's take and IQ test." Biden denied to reporters later than he'd lost his temper, saying, "what I wanted to do was shut this down."Hunter Biden served on the board of the oil company for five years starting in 2014, when his father was vice president