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Eddie George - new movie "Other Versions of You"

I had Eddie on the show this morning... good dude. He's having fun right now with his acting career and is in a new movie called 'Other Versions of You" It's easy to find...

You can catch the film on iTunes! Here’s the link (more info below):

Another Version of You has flavors similar to About Time500 Days of SummerThe Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and Sliding Doors. It has been dubbed “one of the best indie comedies of the year” by UK Film and heralded “a beacon as to what independent film making is all about” by ScreenCritix.

Film Reviews:

Film Logline:When the girl he’s always loved gets married to another man, Diggsy gets an opportunity to explore parallel universes to find another version of her who might love him back.

In 2018, it won the Audience Award at the Nashville Film Festival (as Other Versions of You)

Full Synopsis: 

Diggsy Ellston has been in love with Suzette Larking since he was 9 years old. After she marries another man, Diggsy finds himself alone when a stranger offers him an unbelievable gift: a chance to find another Suzette. This opportunity comes in the form of a key that can open doors into alternate realities. Universes parallel to his own. Universes where other versions of Suzette may not only exist, but where one of them could possibly even love him back. Sounds magical, but there’s one major catch: once Diggsy uses the key, he can’t go back. However, his desire to find another Suzette wins the day and once Diggsy crosses through the first door, his adventure grabs a hold of him and refuses to let go. Head spinning from losing everyone and everything he has ever known, Diggsy jumps parallel world to parallel world with wild results. New Suzettes of every sort press him on to find “perfection” while continual intersections with a beautiful stranger named Gwenyth make him question his journey and help him consider the idea of a life without Suzette. Every new universe offers new decisions: Stay or leave? Keep chasing the dream of finding a Suzette who will love him? Pursue Gwenyth? Meet someone else? For Diggsy and audiences, this is a tale full of surprises, awkward encounters, and the possibility of finding the perfect version of someone who will love you back.

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