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XFL debuts - average salary is $55k

The new XFL debuted this weekend with a slate of four games, two each on Saturday and Sunday, with hopes of finding the post-NFL season success that eluded its one failed season in 2001, and the Alliance of American Football, which didn't even complete one season last year. Some of the rules in the eight-team XFL are different from the NFL, meant to increase action and excitement, including allowing teams to choose to attempt a play from the 2-yard line for one point, from the 5-yard line for two points, or from the 10-yard line for three points instead of kicking for extra points after a touchdown, and games tied at the end of regulation advancing to a shootout-style overtime. XFL games will air on ABC, FOX and ESPN.The results from this weekend's kickoff games were: 

  • D.C. Defenders 31, Seattle Dragons 19
  • Houston Roughnecks 37, Los Angeles Wildcats 17
  • New York Guardians 23, Tampa Bay Vipers 3
  • St. Louis Battlehawks 15, Dallas Renegades 9

Cardale Jones had a nice opening week

XFL salary structure

  • Average salary:$55,000
  • Bi-weekly paycheck:$2,080
  • Activation fee:$1,685
  • Victory bonus:$2,222

A memo sent from the XFL to agents explained the details of how they'd be paid. Players will be paid on a bi-weekly basis with a base paycheck of $2,080. If they are active for a game they will receive a bonus (activation fee) of $1,685. If their team wins they get an extra bonus of $2,222.

According to the memo sent by the league to agents it says "a player may earn up to $4,947 per game week." That's taking into account half of the base paycheck ($1,040), the activation fee and the victory bonus.

Contracts for players in the XFL this season start from Dec. 3, 2019 to May 31, 2020 if they remain in the league for the full season. 

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