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Tips for the coronavirus era

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Other pandemic fallout...

Google Trends reported on Wednesday (March 8th) that “search interest in both Dog and Cat reached an all-time high.” Searches for “dog” edged out searches for “cat” and the top related searchers for both animals was meme related. In other good news, Google noted the phrase “foster a dog near me” reached an all-time search high in the U.S. as well. In related news, Google Trends now has a whole new section on COVID-19 trends that shows what people are interested in when it comes to the virus. says that gas prices dropped to a national average of $1.89 yesterday (March 9th), down from $2.38 one month ago. The AAA reports that last year at this time the average cost for a gallon of gas was $2.75. Wisconsin currently has the lowest statewide average at $1.39, followed by $1.45 in Oklahoma, and $1.51 in Ohio. Two gas stations in Wisconsin are offering gas for $0.79 per gallon, the lowest price in the country. Hawaii currently has the highest priced gas at $3.31. The prices have taken a dip for two reasons: one, that many across the U.S. have been issued stay-at-home policies amid the pandemic, so demand has lowered, and also that a recent crude oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia has lowered the cost. 

And we should be enjoying something like this over the weekend... sigh

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