Body cam video released, officer fired in Atlanta

Bodycam and dash-mounted video were released Sunday (June 14th) showing a sobriety check that turned into a deadly police shooting of a 27-year-old black man in Atlanta late Friday. That came hours after police said that Officer Garrett Rolfe, who fired the shots that killed Rayshard Brooks, had been fired, and the officer with him,Devin Brosnan, was placed on administrative duty. The incident also led to the resignation of Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields.Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said she doesn't believe the shooting was justified, while Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said Sunday he hopes to reach a decision by midweek on whether to bring charges against the officers.

The officers had been called because of complaints about a car blocking a Wendy's drive-thru lane. They found Brooks asleep in the car, and he agreed to move the vehicle and take a sobriety check, telling the officers, "I know you're just doing your job," and said he, quote, "just had a few drinks" while celebrating his daughter's birthday. The video showed the officers peacefully questioning Brooks for more than 40 minutes, but after the sobriety test showed a blood alcohol reading of 0.108, above the 0.08 threshold for impaired driving, a struggle began when they tried to handcuff him. Brooks tried to run and the officers took him to the ground, with one shouting, "Stop fighting!" Brosnan put a Taser to Brooks' leg and threatened to stun him, but Brooks grabbed the Taser away, managed to get to his feet, and started running. Rolfe fired his Taser, a yelp was heard, and he ran after Brooks, and then three gunshots were heard. The actual shooting wasn't captured on the police videos, but Wendy's security camera footage showed Brooks turn and point an object -- which the officers said was the Taser -- at one of the officers, who pulled out his gun and fired. 

A protest outside the Wendy's Saturday led to it being set on fire and gutted. A $10,000 reward has been offered for information on those responsible. 

Rayshard Brooks, from bodycam and dash video:

From Wendy's surveillance video: