Baseball Coach Goes After Parent With a Bat

Youth sports can be intense. 

Check out this altercation last Sunday in Indianapolis between a baseball coach and a parent in the crowd. I wasn't there so I'm not going to comment on the circumstances of the situation. I'll defer to this account from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Seems to me this kind of stuff is worse in baseball and soccer.... then again those are the sports I've attended most watching my son play. I'll guess lacrosse has similar issues too. With parents, for the most part, right on top of the sidelines I think it accelerates things going south quickly between parents/spectators and coaches/officials.

I'll admit I've not always been an angel on the sideline... I've barked at officials before. I think I can honestly say that when I have it's been in the interest of player safety. Officials are in a tight spot. They need to make decisive calls quickly and firmly without the benefit of instant replay. And without them we won't have games to play. 

Same goes for coaches. We need them so our kids can learn and play, but we also need them to keep their heads screwed on straight as well.

And us parents.... it goes without saying. Gotta keep it together.     


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