Assassinate Trump Tweet Lives on Twitter for Over a Week

Found this tweet Wednesday night, June 27th. It had originally been posted on Wednesday, June 20th.

I took the liberty of scribbling out a word. Believe me that word was not 'frankly'. 

How can something like this live on Twitter for a week and not have either the post deleted or the account disabled?

It was just earlier this month that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey posted screenshots of the money he saved because he used the Chick-fil-A mobile app. A whopping $3.15. Then Jack got FLAMED on Twitter because he ate at Chick-fil-A during Pride month. Get that full story here.  

Of course he apologized to his sycophants.  

Read this article about other people being banned from Twitter. Some justifiably so. But with all their moral high ground how can a tweet like the one at the top of this post live on Twitter for a week?

I did report the tweet last night as did many others and it was gone this morning (Thursday, June 28th) and so is the account.

From what I understand by other tweets she lives in Scotland. Can the Secret Service pay her a visit? Not sure how that works. But the fact that Twitter let this live on for over a week is telling. And they claim their is no political bias.

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