Randoms-Top Dogs on Instagram, Baby Names Inspired by Foods, & More

Crufts 2017 - Portraits Of Man's Best Friend

Crufts 2017 - Portraits Of Man's Best Friend

Baby names from the produce aisle… A trend in baby names over the past year had more and more parents naming their kids after food items. Among the most popular food-baby names were: Kale, Kiwi, Saffron and Maple, each seeing at least a 30 percent increase from a year ago. (Vice

Make your holidays jollier … Applebees’ December Drink of the Month is the Dollar Jolly. It’s basically a boozy Jolly Rancher. And it’s just a buck. Cheers to that! (Woman’s Day

Speaking of spirited holidays … A pub in England has created a giant snowman … out of wine bottles. The Queen Victoria Inn constructed the 20-foot snowman from over 2,000 empty wine bottles. Challenge accepted! (Food & Wine

Insta-dogs … Online voucher code company My Voucher Codes wanted to know which dog breeds were the most popular on Instagram. So they researched hashtags for each breed to find out the most popular Insta-pooches.

Here are the Top 10:

  1. French Bulldog
  2. Pug
  3. Chihuahua
  4. English Bulldog
  5. Labrador Retriever
  6. Golden Retriever
  7. Siberian Husky
  8. Dachsund
  9. Pomeranian
  10. Yorkshire Terrier (People

Speaking of pets ... As any cat owner knows, cats and Christmas trees don’t always mix. Cats are drawn to the ornaments and lights on the tree ... and that often results in everything from missing or broken bulbs and ornaments to a toppled tree. Well, a company in England has come up with a brilliant solution: a 6-foot artificial tree that has branches that start halfway up. Yep, the bottom half of the tree is empty, which means it’s free from kitty mischief – unless, of course, your cat actually climbs the tree. Unfortunately, the company does not ship to the U.S. But, as the website says, “You never know what might happen in the future…” (Today

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